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09 ATC Letters from Home


EBA_AutumnJoy Collection

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SNU_Grandmas Letters_EMB Mini


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Wow, this is lovely. I love the letters, specs and cup of tea. We really have lost the art of letter writing.

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OMG! This is so beautiful, like Belle said, the art of letter writing is no longer part of normal live.

I love the bundles of letters with the ribbon around it,

Letter writing used to be such a big part of my life many years ago and your ATC takes me back to younger years. :)

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I love this Lei, the colours just draw me in, I LOVE the brown/blue combo... have just bought a dress with those two colours in them, gorgeous

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Talk about an ATC felt from the heart!!! This is wonderful! Love the tea and the glasses -- this is a great idea for some layouts of letters from my beloved Granny & mother that I came across in boxes the other day. Great how you used several layers and "tied" a ribbon around the envelopes. This jumped in my Favorites folder!

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