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AJ Chat_9/16_ A FEW THINGS

AJ Chat_9/16_ A FEW THINGS

Great chat, and this LO DID evoke a lot of feelings, despite the fact that there are a lot of actual quotes (if you can even believe them, LOL!) All true. You may see that I was never mad (angry....we weren't allowed to say "mad,") but I was, at times, appalled! #1 was from a nurse! #2, also a nurse immediately after surgery, when my pain level was probably a 10 but I underdescribed it as a 7. #3 was just an ignoramus who went on to say, "So, guess what's happening in MY life?" Hahaha! #4 was a flustered appointment clerk. #5 was a clearly annoyed nurse on the other end of the line. Hmmmm, she wasn't the only one who was annoyed!

HAHAHA, I do feel better having written these down! Maybe I'll do another! Not much really bothers me. Wait, I can think of one thing which did............ Ha! Next page!

Edited: BTW, 99% of the nurses I met were angels. And, I am an RN, so I know a good one (and a thoughtless one) when I see her/him!

    Dot, this is amazing! Your blending is gorgeous, but the journaling really makes the page. So revealing, so true...thanks for sharing.
    I LOVE this Dot and will comment more, later - I'm not home now but wanted you to know I saw it, WOW! :)
    Dot, this is incredible. I know some nurses can be callous in their handling of patients. I had one who was taking my blood, out of my arm. I cried out and moved my arm and she got upset and told me not to move my arm. I told her it really hurt otherwise I would not have moved my arm. She had the nerve to tell me that "it was only a pinch". Who's arm was she taking the blood from?

    Anyway, I love your layout. The colors are wonderful and they all go so well together. Your journaling is so true, and #4 takes the cake.
    Wow! This is a great page - so happy that you could get that all out in such a lovely way. I can't even believe some of those things were said to you - amazing! I'm so sorry.
    Thank you for sharing this page. The old saying " Stick and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us" is so wrong.. words can do so much damage and it is so good to read that all the wrong words have not done damage to you. I like your choice of colours for this lovely piece of art journaling.
    I'm back Dot and again - WOW! You did such a wonderful job with this layout - I can FEEL your annoyance through not only your words, but the symbols, colors and background you used - it has such energy and FEELING! Unfortunately, I DO believe the insensitivity (sometimes downright stupidity) of people, but I LOVE how you were able to "answer" through your fabulous Art Journaling page! I also really like Anne Marie's take on the old saying -- "is so wrong". Glad to see you made it through without it all getting the better of you, you GO girl - you've been so admirable through this hard time. Awesome art journal page! Thanks for coming to the chat and adding your artistic personal creation to ScrapGirls new Art Journal Gallery! :)
    Love that red background -- you get right to the point! I think I've heard it all now....:dunno:/> cannot believe the number of people that walk around saying things like this and don't even consider inserting FOOT!! (rolling my eyes) I can't even imagine the *** you've been through and would love to simply give you a big hug!! My mom finished her radiation today and I can't give her a hug either. However, I can send you an e-hug, right? :bighug:/> I think there is a new definition of warrior here. Love your layout -- great touch darkening some of the phrases, too.
    Gosh I don't know what to say. Nobody can realize what a cancer sufferer goes through. It really sounds rough. It opened my eyes to read your journaling. My mother died of cancer but she was too far gone to get treatment and she died in hospital, so I never experienced that. I took my neighbor for chemo but he had a totally different experience than all the others I've read about. All I can do is send an e-hug like Laura. Posted ImageGlad you are okay now. Love the layout.
    Wow, what a powerful page. I think it is so difficult to be on the receiving end of such insensitivity and so brave of you to share. Maybe you can share this with your Doctor/Hospital for sensitivity training - I seriously mean that. Not so much as to point fingers and "tell" on people but to be a reminder to the caregiver's to be caring. Great use of color, font and blending. Great layout.
    WOW Dot this is incredible. Its just so aweful though that people in the nursing profession can be so incensitive, I do hope i'm never like that. I love the red such a powerful colour and your awesome rainbow colours in the centre.