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Look Out, Harry Potter!!


© 2013 Laurel Lakey

Look Out, Harry Potter!!

"Well Harry is in trouble now! Little does he know that as he is enjoying a scenic break from his schoolwork on a beautiful afternoon, Voldemort, accompanied by Bellatrix Lestrange has arrived at Hogwarts. And they are way more happy to see Harry than he would like!"

Layout by Laurel Lakey uses:

Value Pack: Little Spooks

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Laurel :)

    Great page! I love the fun colors and embellishments. I really like the wonderful layering too.
    Love this. The colors and embellishments are too cute. We have a collection of Harry Potter legos at our house too.
    Cute page!
    Fun Halloween layout!
    This is so cute, Laurel -- and this collection is fab! :)
    This is such a lovely layout and collection, it makes me wish we had Holloween in South Africa.
    I am reading book 5 at the moment. Love all the references to HP. Love the little Lego scene.