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Thursday 10 Oct Challenge

Thursday 10 Oct Challenge


Day out to Longleat Safari Park - June 2008. We spent ages watching the wolves and pups.
We went back yesterday on a day trip, pups all grown up and were treated to an amazing close up of a tiger walking in front of us, we're in the car:)

    Very nice layout, colors are great, and so are photos. Interesting.
    The photos are amazing! I love the composition.
    What great photos - I love the one of the cub. Pretty title card, too.
    Such amazing photos. Great layout. I really like your title cards.
    Wow, stunning photos. I love the template that you used. This is such a pretty layout.
    Awesome photos. I loved our trip to Longleat but no wolves then as was a long time ago. Wonderful LO :)
    What beautiful photos these are. These are amazing and it's nice to see Wolves roaming about without the fear of being killed. Great template and layout.
    Wolves are beautiful creatures and you have some awesome photos. Isn't that baby precious?? Great title cards.
    These wolves are gorgeous! The pups are really adorable, too. I like how you've displayed the photos in pockets, and the title cards are well done, also. Lovely page.

    Beautiful wolves - you got some neat photos! Thanks for using my template - page looks great!