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All Hallows Eve


© 2013 Laurel Lakey

All Hallows Eve

Journaling: "Halloween has got to be my favorite time of the year. I just love the holiday, with the fall weather surrounding it and the sweaters finally coming out of the closet! I love crunchy leaves on the ground and crisp air all around. I love pumpkins and spice and hot chocolate and fires in the hearth. There is nothing quite like trick-or-treating with all of that in the background. It makes for a fun night and we always want to come home to roasted marshmallows and chili with cornbread. Mmm, it makes me hungry just thinking about it!"

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Thanks for looking!
Laurel :)

    This is such a lovely collection. Great journaling. Love the colors.
    Very fun layout, with all your Halloween embellishments. I liked reading your journaling, your family traditions bring a whole new meaning to the holiday. Such great memories I would guess.