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October swap for Cheryll Ann Boys at the beach

October swap for Cheryll Ann Boys at the beach

I love Cheryll Ann's fantastic photos of Dylan and Jaxon at the beach at sunrise! Beach photos are some of my favourites so it was so fun playing with these!

Credits to:

Brandy Murry Coastal Collection Biggie

    Oh my goodness, what a lovely page. Tell me how/what you did with the big photo ...
    Lena,this came out so beautifully. I love the blending you used on the background and the photo treatment (was that Brandy's Ultimate Artist action?) The photos down the side look great in the weathered frames, the out-of-bounds is so fun too. Love it!
    This is gorgeous Lena! Wonderful blending and fantastic painted effect on the background photo! I also really like how you framed the smaller photos and placed them down the side of the page. Great out of bounds on the second one from the bottom. Perfect embellishments too. I love it all and I will be adding it to my favorites! :)
    Lena! This is stunning! Great background. I love it. Into my favorites.
    Well balanced with the circle frames down the left, and I just love the artistic effect with the photo masked over it. And the headline is the perfect orange to stand out from the sky yet blend into the layout. Stunningly beautiful!
    Lena this is stunning. Gorgeous job of scrapping these two cuties - it looks like a work of art and should be framed! :)
    I love the action that you used on the big blended photo. The smaller photos down the side in the rings are great. Beautiful layout.
    Oh, Lena! I love the "painting" effect on the photo! What a beautiful layout for Cheryll Ann! Thanks for joining the swap!

    Congratulations! This is a lovely layout and I enjoyed seeing it on the blog.

    What a magical page... so much to look at here... the painting, the framing, the out of box, the blending... you did an amazing job here, this is fabulous and a worthy winner! Congrats!