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NSD SSMiniChal & Blending Tips Chall

NSD SSMiniChal & Blending Tips Chall

This is a combination of challenges - because I can never do just one thing. The photo was taken on Friday; it's by a parking lot for a large office building just up the road, and it JUST changed color. I think it's a weeping cherry - I saw blossoms last spring - and I know it's on fire. But the parking lot wasn't too attractive. So . . . I used the healing brush to get rid of a cell phone tower in the background, and the smart brush to make the sky blue. I used Brandy's Mirror Reflect action to put the tree reflection in the "pond" (and I think I added a tint of blue there). Then I blended Carla's photo of waves with the whole thing, and erased the ripples in the trees. Isn't photoshop fun!

For the layout, I used Syndee's Autumn Wishes SSPaper, flipped, and colored two layers with papers from Brandy's Autumn Jewel collection - and then I applied a hue-saturation adjustment layer to the top paper (the red one). I "colored" the frame with two styles -VRA woodgrain (ret) over Amanda's wire-lead. The leaves and flowers are from Jan Ransley's Color Me Autumn collection. I don't know where I got the tag; it was just in my stash. Tried to come up with a title, but couldn't think of a good one, and it would probably be just a touch too much.

Thanks for the chance to play and try new techniques, and thanks for looking!

    Now that is an absolute stunning result! You have given me a lot of inspiration..play time with PSE!
    Lovely! Very painterly-like.
    Jo this is gorgeous and i agree with Ann - your work brought about such stunning results! I really like what you did with your photo and texture and thanks for explaining how. Your framing, embellishments and blending is lovely and this does look like a work of art! Super beautiful page and thanks for participating in the challenge. :)
    Jo, this is so lovely--your many techniques turned this into a spectacular layout. Well done!
    Absolutely gorgeous. The photo is stunning and all the work that you did on the page is incredible. It must have taken you hours to do. This is a work of art. Everything is just wonderful. Your blending and brush work is just outstanding.
    Gorgeous page! Love how you explained all you did the the photo. Wow! It looks great.
    Wow - so many techniques but worth all the work - it looks fabulous
    This is stunning. I love what you have done with the photo. Beautiful colors and I like that you flipped the SS paper.
    Lovely page! I like all the blending in the photo and the background. Gorgeous photo, too! The little clusters add a special touch as well.
    Amazing job with the transformation! I love what you created! Isn't playing in photoshop fun?