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NSD Photo Manipulation - All Souls Day


© 2013, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

NSD Photo Manipulation - All Souls Day

A dark photo reveals its inner beauty.
Black & White for program cover
Brightened and rendered in pen & ink style.
CVW_SupplyTracker, FileSave, CopyClose
KSC_InTheMoment_Emb_Flower_Green, Orange
KSC_InTheMoment_Paper_OrangeYellow_blended with ABR_OldFriends_Paper_GreenEmboss
LGR_MagnifyingGlass_Emb2, PhotoMask3
SNU FancyEdgeFrame_Deckle_Brush
St. Mary Cathedral All Souls Day Memorial 2 November 2013

Another choir member took the photo at lower left, for a poster advertising the concert. It was very effective, though dark. I enjoyed the challenge of transforming it into an image for the black & white program cover. Thanks for stopping by!

    I love the different photo treatments and how you used the magnifying glass. Lovely page.
    Wow, it's amazing what you did Barbara and it looks fantastic in the finished product. Super layout, too! :)
    I love the way you showed the original and two new versions of it - what a lovely cathedral!
    That's a stunning photo and I love the photo effects and colors.
    You certainly rescued that photo! I love both the richly colored and the black & white versions. Adding captions to the photos on the layout is a nice touch.
    This has worked really well. A beautiful cathedral.