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NSD - Brush Challenge - Taking Halloween Seriously

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AFT_FancyRust1 - mask, shadow, photo mask, border, drip splat



CVW_SupplyTracker, CopyClose, FileSave


*** JZI_BlackCat_Special_Brush

Nov 1, 2013, Colorado Springs

*** STI_MasteringBrushes_Edger

Taking Halloween Seriously


*** Brushes used for the challenge.


© © 2013, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

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Wow, they really do Halloween! I really like the mask you used for the photo and your brush work is perfect for the page. Looks great!

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Wow, this really IS taking Halloween seriously! Your photos are great, Barbara and I really like your brushwork and spooky title! Cool page. :)

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Oh my gosh! That's hilarious! And I thought my neighbors were a little over the top with all the crime scene tape and "cobwebs" strung everywhere. Hahaha! Great background you've created here. A very fun Halloween LO. The more I look at it, the more I laugh, LOL!

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Wow, I guess they do get into Halloween. I like the way the cat is blended into your wonderful background.

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