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NSD - Easy Page - Hatch Green Chilies


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NSD - Easy Page - Hatch Green Chilies

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Fall chili roasting
Hatch Green Chilies from New Mexico

I have come to love and associate the fragrance of roasting green chilies with autumn in the Southwestern U.S. We like our chilies milder rather than hotter, but the fragrance is captivating, no matter where you fall on the heat scale!

Thanks for stopping by!

    Well, this is so interesting! I've never seen anything like this and your photos and journaling really tell the story so well, Barbara. Great kit to use with your page and thanks for joining the challenge. :)
    Beautiful and interesting!
    Great page and journaling. Reminds me of times we have gone to Hatch and stopped for the pepper harvest. You are on a roll with produce!
    Oh, yum! I love roasted chiles. Love the contrast of white on dark paper/embellishments. The tan through the middle softens the page nicely. Excellent photos and journaling, too!
    Great layout. I personally am not into chillies.
    Henry and I make chillie chutney quite a lot. They are hot. I can't imagin eating roasted chillies like this. Aren't they very hot? I love the layout, found it very interesting. I really like the way you scrapped your pictures.
    Superb! Not sure what roasting chillies smell like but I'd like to experience it after seeing this LO. Great blending and an unusual and worthwhile subject to scrap.
    Wow -- great page! You've made me want to go to NM and experience this. Fantastic journaling and thank you for the idea for a trip. (Now all I need is time and money LOL) Nice page!
    Neat! Definitely not something you get in the northeast US. Neat blending and I like hearing about your experiences.