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Thursday Wheel-Stefan-Lost and Found


Journaling: Stefan (11 years old) and Jan went diving last weekend. They are dive buddies. Stefan as usual, darted off and got himself lost. He tried to see if he could see the other divers but could not see any other bubbles. A seal started circling around him, over, under all around.Once she even came up to his face and looked straight into his eyes. He started getting a bit worried but could not go up to the top as there were too many jelly fish floating around. He did what he was taught to do, he went to the bottom and lay still. Soon other divers found him and helped him up and found his dive buddy. I really hope that this time he learned his lesson and will stay with his dive buddy.


Jan, Stefan's dad, is his dive buddy. Jan thought he was with someone else and did not realize that Stefan had darted off on his own. I hope his dive buddy and dive master gave him a good talking to.

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Wow sounds like that would be a scary moment. Good to hear all is well. Great photos! And I like all the bright colours you used for layering. I like your word art also, It gives a feeling of big space, which I am sure the diver felt.

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Wow, Belle - scary story it makes me shiver reading it and I sure hope too that Stefan learned his lesson and had a little scare enough to remind him to stay with his Buddy! Sure glad he was ok, though. Your photos are awesome! So cool to have underwater pics and I like the way you arranged them and your journaling on the page. I also really like the background you used - it looks like the sea! And I really like the colors and your word art - awesome layout! (and... WHew..... ) :)

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Silly boy. Such a dangerous activity if rules are not adhered to. Great underwater photos. Love the background papers & the arrangement of the photos.

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Oh my goodness, that would scare me to death. Boys are fearless, at least until things go wrong. I'm glad he remembered to go to the bottom and wait. Great photos and a story that kept me on the edge of my seat. The papers and ship wheel are just right for Stefan's aquatic adventure!

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