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Family Get Together for My Daddy

Family Get Together for My Daddy

ASO Family Matters and MRE Family Matters

For my Dad's Birthday we had a big party planned with all of our family coming to our house to surprise Daddy. The surprise was on us because my Dad was in the hospital - so we had the party and we were so excited to have our family together again. Two at a time left the party and walked into Daddy's hospital room to wish him a very happy birthday - he was just elated and laughed more than he had in a month. It was a wonderful surprise and I am so glad that we didn't cancel the party because of Daddy's hospitalization - he still talks about it, His health is failing every day and his heart and kidneys can't take much more so making that very moment happy for him was a very happy moment in time for me. Some of the cousins he hadn't seen for years so it was a good surprise for him.
Thank you all for looking and thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. Hugs all around,

    What a beautiful family portrait, Sara. Love the papers you used from those two wonderful collections. The name says it all, 'Family Matters'.
    What a wonderful page Sara!! Fantastic family photo and I'm so glad your Dad was able to enjoy seeing his relatives for his birthday! :)
    Very sweet LO, Sara!! I love seeing all your family - what a wonderful surprise and a sweet memory for you to scrap! I really like the colors of this - your choice in papers is beautiful.
    Sara, this is a wonderful memory to scrap. It is so nice that your Dad got to feel so special for his birthday. Carol said it well--‘Family Matters’.
    You will treasure this layout because it marks a wonderful memory for you. Wishing the best for your Dad and your family.
    I love it! How cool that you could all get together like that. AWESOME!
    Getting everyone together is so challenging these days. You will treasure this photo forever. Lovely presentation.
    Lovely photo Sara. This is such a wonderful memory for you all. Love how you scrapped it. Lots of hugs to you and your family.
    Wonderful photo of your family all together -- a treasure for sure. I love the warm sunny colors you used.
    So glad you had this time together with your family and glad they had time with your dad.