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Anna Virginia Jeffries Crips


This is my maternal great-grandmother, at two widely separated parts of her life. The smaller photo seems to be a school picture. My great aunt (her daughter) provided the caption on the back of the photo; no photographer is given. I'm guessing that Anna was about 12-13. The larger photo has no identification on it. I know she lived in Ottumwa, Iowa for much of her life, and I think this may have been Auntie's house there. The date is a guess. Anna lived in Chicago, caring for my mother Marianna during her childhood, as her mother died in the flu epidemic. When Mother became self-supporting, and then married in 1941, her Grandma Crips moved back to Ottumwa, but I don't know if she had her own house, or stayed with Auntie. And this may have been a visit. Either Papa or Auntie could have taken the picture. She does look quite a bit younger here than she does in the four-generation photo I have from 1944. I so wish that I'd started this project while there were still people who could tell me the stories. Hindsight!

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These are amazing photos. Her is expression is so similar in both photos. Your background is perfect for heritage photos. It looks like wallpaper. Your frames are great. How great that you have these photos to share with your family.

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