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Jenrou AJ Feelings

Jenrou AJ Feelings

DCA_XtremeVibe collection
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    Very creative!  I like the black, white and pink color palette.  It is cool the way you pointed to ART with arrows and letters.

    I absolutely LOVE all the movement in your page!  So exciting, it's a page that needs to be studied and dissected.  Wonderful in every respect.

    Fabulous colors and textures. I love the tumbling letters, too. Wonderful page!

    Wow, Jean!   This caught my eye on the message board right away, even in the tiny little pics!   This is beautiful and I love all the energy and movement on your page.   You did super job bringing my eye from the colorful active edges into the dark and deep middle using arrows and color value.  Your background is awesome and you did an incredibly creative job of blending and putting it all together.  I keep looking and looking all over this page and finding more and more to see!  Gorgeous work!  :)

    Wow!  This is awesome!  I love it!

    Really good... great AJ age Jean. Impressive!

    Wow, Jean! I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I'll bet it was very therapeutic to scrap. I really love the colors. I walked away for a minute, and as I was coming back, I noticed how pretty it is from a distance. Looking closer, I can see all the details - the arrows pointing to Art, the word Love repeated, the falling letters. Very intriguing page!