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I love My mechanic copy

I love My mechanic copy

Sarah once told a friend " I love my mechanic"...." no really I love my mechanic?" Then years later she married our son. I extracted them and placed them in from of his repair shop. ...this was a fun page to make

    Really IS a fun page and great story and your idea is so creative and your extraction is wondeful!  Super work.   :)

    A great layout. I love your extraction and how you have placed them at his shop. I like your title and use of different fonts. Beautiful!

    I love how you told this cute story!  I like the playful fonts and “yes” all across the bottom of the layout.  Great job on your extraction.

    What a great way to tell this story - well done. Love the Cadillac over the door (is that real, or did you do a wonderful extraction and cast shadow?)

    The Cadi is real..... that set up cost as much as a brand new fully loaded Honda but it set's him apart from the rest. Our son has to be different!