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HNC Dear Santa

HNC   Dear Santa

We were surprised when Ben kept his Santa hat on long enough to snap a photo, and we got a smile too!
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    Adorable photo! It sounds to me like Ben definitely belongs on the good list! I love the way you wrote the letter, and the variety of embellishments adds delightful energy to this festive page.

    Wow, that really IS a great photo of Ben Valerie and I so love his shirt and sentiment, too!    I really love your journaling and Ben's letter and the way you put the different pieces together on your background - especially the strips on top and bottom.   Your clusters are beautiful and your whole page so cheerful and happy!   :)

    Very fun layout. I like the journaling and how you have displayed it as a letter. I like the playful embellishments you have chosen. Your photo is amazing.

    Great photo and such a fun page you created.  I love 'his' letter to Santa explaining how he only had a couple of accidents this year.  I love the embellishments that you added to the page, especially Santa and the little elf.  He kind of resembles Ben.  LOL!

    It is harder and harder to catch photos as they get older isn't it? Glad you got this one.

    wonderful photo of Ben. Your journaling is awesome! And as always your cluster is beautiful!

    You have a great photo - the photo ops for boys gets harder to find and it doesn't get any better when they become adults! Love your letter. Great festive page.

    What a great photo of Ben - a charming smile and a shirt that certainly suits him! I think Santa should put him on the good list, even if he has slipped up a few times. ;) Cute letter and wonderfully festive embellishments!

    Love this Valerie!