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HNC 12-11 Embellishments

HNC 12-11 Embellishments

I used one of the bonus Jif pages Durin provided in this month's Scrap Girls Club and just swapped out various pieces to go with my photo. Easy and fun! The photo was taken at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, all decked out for Christmas.
Everything is from  http://store.scrapgi...ggie-p29693.php  Merrydale
except for
MST http://store.scrapgi...dates-p4099.php BrushSet StampedDates; 
and raffia ribbon from ABR   http://store.scrapgi...ggie-p29531.php YoursTruly;

    Wonderful choice of embellishments, I love how you adapted the jif page.

    Oh this is so neat Diane and your photos are great!   Who knew Santa would be at the Ringling Brothers Museum?   Love your use of white space and your embellishment clusters are lovely.  Super use of color and I like the postage stamps, too!  :)

    Very pretty. I like all the bright colours. They look so good together. I like your use of postcards and stamp embellishments. Your photos are great also. Very pretty.
    Love the layering and cluster - fab LO Diane.

    Beautiful Diane.  I love the paper and that beautiful butterfly and lovely bird.  The flowers are so pretty and add a nice festive touch to the page.  

    Look at you with all those clustered embellishments...you took this challenge to heart and well done I might add

    Great photos (I read somewhere if  you see something red, take a picture of it - you did a great job!) You paper layering is great and your cluster is fabulous! Nice job!

    Beautiful! Great photo and love the shots of red echoing the planter of flowers and the blues echoing the windows. Love it!

    I love the cheerful colors in this page, and they match the colors in your photos so well. I think the raffia and stamped date were nice additions. And all that white space! Looks great!

    I like how you mixed it up to make it work well with your photos. Pretty page!