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"Auntie Dee's Bear"

"Auntie Dee's Bear"

The night my Mom passed away my cousin's two children were very upset, so I looked around her room and sent home to each of them a beanie baby stuffed bear that was in her room.
A year later, (just a week ago) Allison emailed me a photo of her bear sitting on her dresser --- along with this note:
"Thought this may brighten your day.  Auntie Dee's Anniversary is coming up next weekend, and I know how much she loved Christmas.   :)"
Now isn't that the sweetest thing?   
For this layout I used:
BMU SS Paper Templates: Background Blenders 4
BMU Lilly's Christmas
MRE SS Paper Templates: Downtown

    This is the sweetest layout.  Allison's thoughtfulness is very touching.  My oldest is named Allison and this is definitely something she would do.

    Oh Marilyn, this is beautiful.  I love that glass tree with the ornaments on it and what a sweet little bear that is.  The background is so pretty with the lace doily and the pinks and cream colors are beautiful.  What a sweet and thoughtful thing for Allison to do for you.

    made my eyes tear up...very special indeed

    How very special this is. Your layout is lovely, too and I love that tiny embellishment cluster in the corner with its elegant "D". Beautifully done.

    How very thoughtful of your cousin! (and how thoughtful of you to send them a bear!) Such a lovely photo and LO to honor many lovely memories, I am sure. Wonderful way to honor your mother.

    Oh my, what a wonderful email to receive. Pretty blending of the doily and photo - lovely and heartwarming LO. 

    That is so sweet and thoughtful of Allison. Auntie Dee Bear and her Christmas tree look so pretty together, and I love the doily mat you used behind the photo. That fancy letter D and candy cane heart are extra special embellishments. It's such a wonderful and touching memorial to your Mom. :)

    Allison has a heart of gold, I know she missed seeing your mum and so she treasures this bear but how very thoughtful of a young girl to do this... It must make you smile to know the effect your mum had on her :-) wonderful blending to focus on the bear and tree, the colours are just so gorgeous together and including her words was inspired, this is beyond lovely.
    Beautiful layout Marilyn. Such a thoughtful gesture.

    Beautiful page, and such a sweet thing for her to do.