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Who's In The Pool

I was taking pictures yesterday morning while it was snowing out. I decided to go out in the back of the building where I park my car. From there I have a view of the swimming pool. I took a photo of it with a layout already in mind for it.



Supplies Used:

SNU Merry Mint Collection -- Paper

SNU Winter's Hush Collection -- Butterfly

AWI Christmas Magic AYO Cards -- Snowflakes

AWI Christmas Magic Collection -- Santa and Sleigh, Tree, Ornaments

JRA Calico Christmas Collection -- Butterfly

ACA Merry and Bright Collection -- Alphas

BHA Blossoms and Blooms Winter -- White Poinsettia, Twigs, Leaf, Blue Flower

BHA Blossoms and Blooms Holidays -- Red Poinsettia

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Oh funny! I love Santa diving into that pool. So clever. I love all your other festive Christmas embellishments, too, especially the garland going across the page and the silver butterfly.

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Oh Heehee - Carol I laughed outloud at your title and photo! How creative and very funny! I love the different decorations you used on your page and how festive it all is! So happy and cheerful - "merry and bright"! Your page made me smile, thank you! :)

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Ha ha, if it was full of water, they could probably go ice skating. Great alpha and Christmas embellishments!

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What a creative LO - love the funny thought of Santa and reindeer diving in. Love those gold snowflakes.

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