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Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees

This is one of my photos from this Autumn that I took on one of my walks around Yonkers.
Supplies Used:
BMU Zoomba Collection -- Paper, Heart, Staple, Alphas colored using EHI SSTools Creative Spirit Red
BMU Zoomba AYO Zoom Pages -- Lifted Photo Frame colored using EHI SSTools Creative Spirit Orange
USC Assemblage Collection -- Butterflies
MJO Planet Earth Collection -- Butterfly
BHA Blossoms & Blooms Fall -- Cattails, Prairie Grass, Flowers

    Whenever I see butterflies, I know it's your work, Carol!! :) Great use of white space here. Lovely fall photo and I like the little cluster in the lower corner.

    Beautiful photo. Great use of white space. Nice cluster.

    Lovely photo of the Autumn trees. I love Autumn, too, though I usually have to drive to find it. Love the curved photo and the background paper.