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MariJ SG Cookie Exchange 2013 Peanut Butter Balls

MariJ SG Cookie Exchange 2013 Peanut Butter Balls

A dear friend gave me this easy recipe!
For this recipe card I used:
ABR Cookie Exchange 2013
SJO Candy Cane Lane Collection Mini

    Love your card Marilyn, I particularly like the different shades of pinks and greens you used. Sounds YUMMY too!

    Love this card and I want to try this recipe.

    This sounds super easy and quick, we just don't eat peanuts... love your card tho and I know people who would love to make these! Are Rice Krispies Rice Bubbles?

    I like the colors you used.  The trees along the bottom and the little cluster are nice touches. These sound delicious!  I don't see where the chocolate chips are used, though.  Do you dip the peanut butter balls in the melted chocolate?

    Great looking card and the cookies sound great!

    Oh, YUM!  I love peanut butter cookies, so these sound fabulous to me and I love the combo of colors you've used in your recipe card!