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Sand Lake Country Inn Cookies

Sand Lake Country Inn Cookies

Thanks for looking!
Value Pack: Cottage Christmas
Wesley's Christmas Collection Biggie
Petals Collection Biggie
Assemble Your Own: Beads
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Grungalicious Distress Biggie 8501

    NIce recipe card April! I love the embellishments you and the cookies sound yummy!!

    Gorgeous cluster and the banner with "cookies" spelled out. Looks as yummy as the cookies taste (I am sure) 

    Pretty card. Cinnamon and chocolate is an unusual combination - sounds tasty.

    OOOOhhhhh.. Such a pretty card April and your recipe sounds yummy, thank you!  :)

    Love the cluster and the recipe sounds awesome

    These sound really good. You always have such good looking food photos on your layouts!  Very pretty card!