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SG Cookie Exchange 2013 Party Cookies

SG Cookie Exchange 2013 Party Cookies

I'm liking scanning the cards from my Mom's recipe box and remembering good times baking with her.    This was a family favorite.
For this recipe card I used:
ABR Cookie Exchange 2013
LLO Holiday Cooking Printable Recipe Cards
ABR Cookie Exchange 2013
and my Mom's recipe card

    Yep, these sound like a classic and so yummy! I really like the little cluster of measuring spoons - a neat touch.

    Amazing to me how Christmas goodies bring back so many wonderful memories. How can anything with MMs not be great.

    Thee sound right up my kids' alley! M&M's and cookies all in one... yum! Love the scanned pieces you have been using, a lovely homey touch and a nice reminder of your dear Mum.

    These cookies look yummy!  I like the little photo.  It's pretty cool that you scanned the original recipe.  It gives the card a special touch.  I like the measuring spoons and flair.  

    M&M's, yummy. Looks so good, and your card is pretty. Your mom wrote recipes like I did. Cream this...mix this...