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December 2013 SG Cookie Swap Coconut Macaroons

A year ago I sat making a recipe card scanned from one of my Mom's originals of a favorite she made with all of the family children. It turned out to be the day she died, so I dedicated to her, printed it and gave it out to people who came to celebrate her life. So, this year when the Cookie Recipe Swap came around, I decided to do the same thing. This is one of her recipe cards. I scanned it with my FlipPal and blended the background into mine but it's her handwriting. I think I might make this a tradition in her memory each December.

For this recipe card I used:

BMU Shabby Bakery Collection

AWI Merry Christmas Collection Biggie (retired)

PWR To You From Me Collection Biggie

Alis Hand Font

and my Mom's recipe card

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Oh I love that idea! What a great way to remember her and one of your favourite activities with her! I am sure she would find this a blast! Love the handwritten card blended in, it gives a very personal feel to the card. Well done!

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Beautiful card. I noticed it right away as I looked through the swap file. The retro styled aprons in the background are perfect for a heritage card like this.

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I liked this card as soon as I saw it and wondered if it was your mother's handwriting. It was just too realistic not to be! I love the story behind this and think it's a wonderful tradition to have. I'll be making these for sure!

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