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Christmas Colors

Christmas Colors

Managed to finish my layout in about an hour.  The photo is of our new Christmas tree.  My sister, Donna, bought it last year on sale after Christmas.  She loves white trees while I love green trees.  She won as she was paying for it.  It stands about seven feet tall and has the lights are already on it.  One less thing to worry about.  We decorate our tree with all kinds of ornaments.  We use glass, fabric, Hallmark, figurines.  There are all sorts of animals on the tree:  cats, mice, zebras, birds, racoons, Wizard of Oz figures (of course), owls.  You name it we've got it.  Even Pookie got into the picture.
Supplies Used:
JZI Tannenbaum Collection -- Paper-Solid Green 70% Opacity, Ornaments, Cluster, Greenery
JZI Tannenbaum Brush Set
SNU Merry Mint Collection -- Paper-Holly 36% Opacity, Frame
SNU Kitschy Christmas -- Border Lights, Red Bells
TCS Creative Cat Collection -- Mouse

    the white tree really makes a statement...very pretty and love the photo bomb by the cat

    I like both white and green trees. This one is lovely and the ornaments look great on it. I love your poem... Pookie really does look ready to pounce on that mouse! I like the lights around the edge of the page, too.

    Lovely layout!

    That little cat and mouse scene is so cute!!!! Great use of the brush and I love the lights bordering your page. :)

    Wow!  That is one really full tree.  It looks like it holds so many memories.  Great LO with the brush and the light border.

    Carol, what a beautiful tree and layout.   I really like the background you used andI laughed outloud at your wonderful journaling!  So very clever and creative.   :)    I especially like the string of lights running up across the page.   Awesome page.   :)

    A white tree certainly is bright and cheerful and its so pretty with all your decorations on. Your journaling made me laugh as I didn't see Pookie in the photo until I read your journaling :)

    The white really makes your ornaments show up nice and pretty, but I prefer green too. :) I like how you used the cluster on the corner of the frame. Great job getting this done in an hour!

    Great page...I like the white tree.

    It does look like Pookie found the mouse!  I like the stamped Christmas tree with the photo next to it.  The string of bells and lights adds a fun festive touch.