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The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Our most memorable trip . . . ever!  A technique tip may be found HERE.
A Beautiful Life Collection Biggie

    I can not even imagine how fab this was to see... Love the layout of the page which shows two completely different aspects both in colour and scale, the simple underlay beneath the top photo and that little tag to give focus, wonderful!

    Such an impressive photo! Great grungy frame around the red tags. Love the overlay(s?) and placement of the title. A truly awesome layout!

    Each of your China photos is beautiful, and your blending turn them into masterpieces. I especially like how the bit of patterned gold here draws out attention even more toward that marvelous red. Thanks for the tip, too. It's great to get a glimpse of how you work your magic.

    Joyce, this is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the blending and the subtle accents.  Thanks for the tip!

    Now this is one place I would really like to see :) You have make it look so gorgeous with your wonderful blending :)

    This is beautiful!!

    Wow, this is stunning, Joyce I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been in person.    Your blending is gorgeous and your page is simply awesome!   :)

    Beautiful layout. The way the photo blends into the paper creates a feeling of depth and atmosphere and the perspective draws me right there mentally walking the wall.  Stunning!