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Daddy's shoes copy

Daddy's shoes copy

Our daughter loved to wear her daddy's shoes but now 40+ years later....her feet are bigger than his.

    Hee hee, I laughed when I read your notes!   Your photo is so sweet and I really like how you used it as a background and smaller framed pic.   I remember my Mom having photos of my sister and I wearing Daddy's shoes, I guess that's a little girl thing.   :)   Your blending is gorgeous and I really like your title, too!   Super page.   

    Love the blending and title! Such a cute photo and a special memory.

    Lovely page!  I like the blended photo on the right with the original on the left.  I also like the lifted photo and tag connected with staples.  Perfect title!  I remember wearing my dad's shoes, too.

    What a great page! I love the title and the stapled photo. So cute!!

    How cute. Walking in daddys shoes!

    Love the picture of her walking in daddy's shoes.....too cute!

    What a great memory! Your daughter does look happy just being in Daddy's shoes!