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Christmas Art Journal

Christmas Art Journal

My good friend gave me a package of cocktail napkins a few years back that have this quote on them.  We both thought it was so funny...and unfortunately, so true in many cases.  Sorry for the irreverence...we all need a little laugh once in a while! 
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    I love this page ...I really like all the blending. Super page

    This is fabulous, Ann! You gave me a good laugh.  I love the way you've illustrated the quote, too. You do such beautiful art jouranling!

    Ann, this is gorgeous and I love that quote - it made me giggle!   Your background is beautifully blended and I really like the colors and shapes you used. I really like how you put your pieces together and the way you used the stars and wires.    Lovely work and thanks for joining the Art Journaling Challenge!   :)

    LOL! Great quote and gorgeous page! Your blending is wonderful. Beautiful work!

    BAHAHHAHA!!! How very true... that lady is fabulous, I can just picture Christmas at her house with the table laden, great way to update with the stars and wire too :-)

    This is so cool! For seven years my mom and her sister would not talk to each other--I usually sat my dad between them at the table. I really really like the way you illustrated and the different fonts and the depth to your LO.

    Ann, I love this.  It is true in some of cases, but glad not in all.  Your page is just beautiful with all the wonderful blending that you did.  I love the lady's profile and the cookie stars you added.  And your photo is wonderful and yummy looking.  Great job Ann with making me laugh.

    I just love it, I love the lady's profile and the wire and the stars.Super quote :)

    Great blending too! Superb LO. :)

    I, too, love it.  That quote is so funny, and, as you said, sometimes true.  Great page.