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Week 16 April 14-20

Week 16 April 14-20

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It was Mischief Week on the Scrap Girls message board, so I spent a lot of time chatting and scrapping.  During one of the chats, Joseph called to ask Bob if he could marry Charlotte. She called at 12:40 a.m. (yes, I was asleep) to let us know she was engaged! Joseph posted some photos of the ring so I could see it., Charlotte's Acting for Film class attended a potluck at the instructor's home and discussed their papers for their final. Cathrine went to the Dental School Black Tie dance on Friday night and drove up to Seattle on Saturday to visit Ashley and deliver the quilt she made for her baby girl. She visited the tulip fields with them before coming home that night.
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    Well done for sticking with it April, I remember that week! We were mid chat when Joseph called!!! What a busy week that was :-)

    Nice page...wonderful story

    Oh, I am so glad I caught this layout, April because me too!   Like Jody, I was at that chat and sure remember your "EEeeekkkk!!!!" and then relaying to us as Joseph asked your husband for Charlotte's hand, it was so exciting!  :)     Super layout and photos, great page and memory.  :)

    Lovely photos and wonderful journaling!  I'll bet it was OK to be woken up for such a special reason.

    What a lovely quilt! Love the late night call LOL!