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May Garden Flowers

May Garden Flowers

The song 'Deep Purple' has been running through my head this past week.  As I hadn't done an ATC for the December swap, I wanted to do one that would go with this song.  I Googled and Googled and Googled some more and came up with these photos.  They are not exactly what I wanted, but close enough.  I chose the May Gardens/Flowers ATC, as I was in the hospital during May and couldn't get one done.
Supplies Used:
EBA ATC Background Papers -- Mulberry-Purple
DEB Color Grunge -- Butterflies
JDE Watercolor Florals -- Butterfly
Some background information on the song:
"Deep Purple" was the biggest hit written by pianist Peter DeRose, who broadcast, 1923 to 1939, with May Singhi as "The Sweethearts of the Air" on the NBC radio network. "Deep Purple" was published in 1933 as a piano composition. The following year, Paul Whiteman had it scored for his suave "big band" orchestra that was "making a lady out of jazz" in Whiteman's phrase. "Deep Purple" became so popular in sheet music sales that Mitchell Parish added lyrics in 1938
The second most popular version, which hit number one on the US pop charts (the 100th song to do so) in November 1963 and also won that year's Grammy Award for Best Rock and Roll Record, was recorded by Nino Tempo & April Stevens (who were brother and sister). It was #1 on the Hot 100 the week before John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This version of the song is notable for April Stevens' speaking the lyrics in a low and sweet voice during the second half of the song while her brother sings. According to the Billboard Book of Number One Hits by Fred Bronson, when the duo first recorded the song as a demo, Tempo forgot the words, and Stevens spoke the lyrics to the song to remind him. The record's producers thought Stevens' spoken interludes were "cute" and should be included on the finished product, but according to Stevens, her brother was not as easily convinced: "He didn't want anyone talking while he was singing!" The 45 rpm recording of the song by Tempo and Stevens is notorious for sounding unclear, perhaps due to improper processing or duplicating during manufacture.

    Great card Carol! I love the very pretty background color as well as the photo arrangement.

    Wonderful card, Carol, and thanks for the great background info--I did some youtubing to hear the various versions.  There were some really beautiful piano instrumentals, but the Johnny Mathis version really resonating with me: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=dECos-1pRRY

    Thanks for the musical journey.

    Great photos and background Carol and your journaling/song is wonderful.   Thanks for the interesting info - I always learn so much for you.   Very cool!   :)    Happy New Year to you!  :)