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January ATC-Accessories

January ATC-Accessories

Supplies in EXIF properties.

    Ann, this is wonderful - I LOVE everything about it!

    Beautiful, and such a great quote.  Love the shoe, though I can't imagine wearing it!

    Like the shoes, your ATC is fabulous. I love it!

    Wow! this is wonderful.  You know I'm a fan of shoes and this ATC puts them together with that wonderful quote!

    I love this! What a wonderful quote and your background is such a stylish combination of color & texture, perfect for the elegant high heel.

    Ann this is just beautiful.  I love the quote you used.  How true it is.  I love the shoe and wish that I could still wear such high heels.  I'd more than likely fall and break something important, like my head.  Gone are the days when I would wear 3 inch spikes with pointed toes, and run across town in them.  Yikes!  Love your background paper and the hearts.  Great ATC.

    Lovely Ann!   Great quote and pretty shoes, too!  I really like how you used the doodled circles and the heart.   Awesome ATC!   :)

    Excellent!  Love the stylish heel with a fantastic quote!  I like the texture and the colors you used!

    Such a lovely quote. Great shoes although I don't think could walk in them.

    Just love that shoe - oh if only I had delicate feet that would fit into something like that. A very wise quote.