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Mon 1-6-14

Mon 1-6-14

This local African Tulip tree was blooming just before Christmas adding its touch of red to the holidays.
I used some filters on my photo to blur edges and add paint strokes. Thanks for a fun challenge!
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    Wonderful page Diane! I love the framing, and the background you chose is perfect. Wonderful coordinating colors, and I like how you show the original. The bird is the perfect touch. Love it!

    thats brilliant - i love the painted effect but how you still get the light coming through the trees. i also love how you included the original photo too.

    Beautiful page Diane.  Love that green paper you used and that gold frame.  The orange/red mat goes so well with the orange/red of the flower in your photo.  Great use of filters and paint strokes on the photo to make it a painted masterpiece. 

    Lovely page.  I like the way you framed the photo.

    Wow! This page is so striking. Love your technique and those colors are wonderful. Like your little birdie, too.

    Diane this is so pretty!   I really like your technique and how beautifully you turned your photo into an Impressionist painting, it looks wonderful!  I love how beautifully you colored and framed your pic and the pretty matting and background you used.     I also really like how you showed us the "before" and added the bird - it's a special touch!   Thanks for joining the challenge and adding a gorgeous piece of Impressionist digital Art to the Monday Challenge Gallery.   Lovely work!   :)

    Such a lovely painting. This is amazing. I love the bright colours .

    You have just the right touch to the filters you used on the photo and I really like that you included the original. The tape to match the mat and the flower is the perfect touch.

    Funny as I had another page done with a green background, a gold frame and wait for it - the SAME frame! I binned mine as yours is so beautiful, the colours are so vivid and stunning and the bird is a great touch... gee that tree is breathtaking...

    This is lovely.  Like the way youve mounted your "painting" inside the frame.  The budgie adds a real tropical feel.