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Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens

I played around with the Angled Brush Strokes Filter in Photoshop until I liked the result.  The word art is from MJO_Floral Springtime.

    Beautifully done Joyce! I love it!

    That is very beautiful page. The quote was one of my mother's favorite. Nicely done

    thats gorgeous - you've really managed to create the impressionist style and i love how the light comes through the trees.

    This turned out great! I love the impressionist look for your photo. It reminds me of Monet. Beautiful!

    Gorgeous! You have created a lovely work of art. I like how it is alive with the light dancing all through it. Well done.

    WOW, Joyce this is awesome - how beautifully you created an Impressionist painting from your photo - it's beautiful!   I love how your strokes show (I couldn't get mine to do that!) and how pieces of light come shining through the strokes, it's amazing!   I love all the depth and color and light to your page, super work!    Thanks for joining the challenge and adding a gorgeous piece of Impressionist digital Art to the Monday Challenge Gallery.   Lovely work!    :)


    Beautiful, Joyce.  What a fabulous job you did on this.  You are quite the artist.  Beautiful photo and beautiful paint strokes making this a true work of impressionist art.  Love the pops of color and light throughout the page.

    Another stunning impressionist art piece. This is beautiful and worthy of a place in an art gallery.

    Beautiful and definitely the impressionist look. You did a great job!

    Oh, this is very pretty and a wonderful example of an impressionist layout. Beautiful colors and quote!