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Monday challenge peacock copy

Monday challenge peacock copy

 I used CBARB -very-victorian frame but he rest I made myself. I took these photos of the peacocks at Beardsley Zoo last year.

    Wow, this is awesome and your peacock really looks like an Impressionist painting hanging in a museum!   Your photo treatment is awesome and I really like your fancy framing and elegant background, it's all so beautiful!  I also really like the peacock looking up at the painting and your pretty corners.    Thanks for joining the challenge and adding a gorgeous piece of Impressionist digital Art to the Monday Challenge Gallery.   Lovely work!    :)


    I love Peacocks and you did a great job on this.  I love that frame and the photo of the Peacocks is just beautiful.  Love how you extracted the other Peacock and make it look like he's looking at his own painting.  Too cute.  Great feather cluster.

    This is stunning.  I love what you did with the painting and the peacock looking at it is the perfect touch.

    Another stunning artwork. Just beautiful. The peacock looks amazing.

    Beautiful - what a rich looking LO. Love both the peacocks.

    Wow, that peacock looking at the picture looks like I could just reach out and touch him! This is beautiful.

    Quite beautiful!  Gorgeous picture of the peacock and the painting truly has that impressionist feel to it.  Love the background and how you pinned the feather to the painting.

    Oh wowowowowow! I L.O.V.E the peacock looking at the art work of himself/another peacock, just like people in a gallery! It is so inspired, I just adore the humour and observation in it.  Your painting is gorgeous and truly artistic, but your extraction and that curious peacock are deal sealers for me, this is brilliant.

    Love the idea of the peacock lookong at itself!  Exquisite jewel-like picture and frame.

    Very striking page!  I love what you did with the photo --- gorgeous effects!.  The extraction of the peacock is wonderful, and looks very realistic gazing at his own picture.  The peacock feather on the frame is a nice touch.