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Monet's Bridge

Monet's Bridge

I took this photo of the replica of the Monet Bridge at the Botanical Gardens Monet Exhibit in July 2012.  Monet has always been one of my favorite impressionists and his waterlily paintings are incredible.  So when the garden was having an exhibit of Monet, I knew that I would be there.  And I was.  What I did on this photo was use the impressionist brush.  I found it after a long search and using PSE help, which was actually helpful.  I'm going to play around with this brush and use some filters as I have an idea for another layout.
Supplies Used:
DEB Watercolor Papers -- Paper-Dark Green
DEB Color Grunge Collection -- Butterfly
JHI Embell Biggie Old Photo Frames -- Frames 3 & 9
DEB Merrydale Collection -- Butterflies
ASO Watercolor Whimsey Collection -- Alphas
SG Anniversary 2007 Specials -- BHA Arrow, EHI Arrow
ABL Watersedge Digital Stickers -- Waterlily, Cattails, Heron

    How cool, Carol and I love your Impressionist painting of Monet's bridge - it came out great!  I really had fun with that brush after a bit of frustration and I can't wait to see more work from you.  I really like how you showed us both photos and Monet's work, too -- all works of art!    I also really like the pretty watercolor background you used and your title is so pretty in the different colors.   Great embellishments, too!   Thanks for joining the challenge and adding a gorgeous piece of Impressionist digital Art to the Monday Challenge Gallery.   Lovely work!    :)


    Great job with the impressionism picture you did. Love how you showed us the original painting by Monet too. These challenges are such an inspiration I am glad to see you doing them too.

    Well done. I love your comparisons. Another great piece of art.

    What a clever idea to show all three images.  Great work with the brush - you definitely managed to recreate the Impressionist style - can't wait to see your next layout!

    Love this LO - especially your title with its clever play on words.

    Love the way you showed your and his work. Great idea. Love the frame around yours and your other embellishments.

    This is so clever Carol, I loved looking from one to the next... I would so love to have seen that Exhibition with you, I love anything to do with Monet.  Your paint work is lovely and you managed the brush well for a first time! Great title too :-)

    I've spent a long time looking at your impressionist painting Carol - so many interesting colours and textures.  Mmm I'm a great Monet fan too.

    Great job on this challenge Carol.  You chose a perfect picture to work with.  Monet is one of my favorites too.  Your title is great :)

    How fun to do your own version of Monet's bridge!  I like the three different version on the page.  The crane, reeds and water lilies fit in beautifully with the pond setting.