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Week 22 May 26 - June 1

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Sunday was Thomas's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. I made a project board sized scrapbook page for it. Monday was Memorial Day. It poured most of the day, but cleared up for the Wilkes ' barbecue. The weather was nice again by the end of the week. We spent a lot of time nagging Thomas to finish and turn in his assignments so he can get credit in his classes this term. I met with the counselor to review his 504 plan and even read the book he needs to take a test on for Lit & Comp. Annette and I got haircuts. She trimmed off enough for another Locks of Love donation. Charlotte went to Rome and Paris for travel week. She packed super light and accidentally left her camera in her other bag! Fortunately, her friends took photos. I captured the fabulous clouds with my phone while I was out walking on Saturday.


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