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I made this layout before Christmas after I'd spent some time scanning some older family photos. This is my mum and the photo is in it's original format. I think they have a matching photo of my dad hanging up in their house - I must try and borrow it so that I can make a matching pair of layouts!



SNU_ATouchOfClass; ATR_SSPaperTempBiggie_TextureEdges; ABR_YourTruly; BMU_BeautifulBlack; BMU_PureWhite_Paper; AFT_SSStyles_PhotoTrans_6401; SNU_SSTools_Styles_Chalkboard6301; SNU_BrushSet_FabFlourishes

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Wonderful photo Anna and your layout is so elegant! Beautiful picture of your Mom and great idea to make a framable pair. :)

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your mom is pretty and the clustering really highlights her. Was this taken in the later 60's--just guessing.

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