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Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams

I made this layout before Christmas after I'd spent some time scanning some older family photos.  This is my mum and the photo is in it's original format.  I think they have a matching photo of my dad hanging up in their house - I must try and borrow it so that I can make a matching pair of layouts!
SNU_ATouchOfClass; ATR_SSPaperTempBiggie_TextureEdges; ABR_YourTruly; BMU_BeautifulBlack; BMU_PureWhite_Paper; AFT_SSStyles_PhotoTrans_6401; SNU_SSTools_Styles_Chalkboard6301; SNU_BrushSet_FabFlourishes

    Wonderful photo Anna and your layout is so elegant!   Beautiful picture of your Mom and great idea to make a framable pair.   :)

    What a lovely photo of your Mum.  Love your clustering around it with all the swirls.  Very pretty.

    your mom is pretty and the clustering really highlights her. Was this taken in the later 60's--just guessing.

    Lovely photo and your layout looks great. That bit of green on all the b&w looks so nice.