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The Wineglass

The Wineglass

Spent waaay too much time playing in the filter gallery! I settled on paint dabs with a little bit of wind blur.
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    Looks like a painting!!   Great combination of filters.

    That is awsome...I love the subject. Wonderful LO

    Wonderful. You did a fabulous job with the filters.

    This looks fabulous. Very arty.

    Beautiful!  What a great job you did on this with the filters.  Love the way you hung the photo on the wall and what a great frame you chose.

    Fabulous Net. I love it.

    I am thinking what a great photo - and frame - so I look at the credits and see that it isn't a photo at all! You set up this magical scene using all embellishments, how very clever! It looks fantastic and I love that you chose a still life scene to do this way, it is so arty and fabulous. 

    Betty you made me giggle and I'm so glad you are brave enough to try these new things.  It's Scrappers like you that make ME brave enough to challenge (you don't know how I worry when I first post them...  "Will ANYONE do it???" :D)     Your layout is wonderful and how creative of you to put the picture together yourself before beautifully turning it into an Impressionist painting.    Wow, you did a great job and it turned out awesome.   I like your arrangement and colors you used and your framing, too.    Thanks for joining the challenge and adding a gorgeous piece of Impressionist digital Art to the Monday Challenge Gallery.   Lovely work!     :)

    This is oh-so-clever! Well worth the time you spent on it - awesome job!!

    Those grapes look soo tempting! A wonderful "take" on the challenge - this would make good kitchen art.