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Monday Challenge2

Monday Challenge2

This is a page that just got out of control!  I started with the flower photo and used the impressionist brush  (What fun!) until I liked the effect added a frame, then thought it looked like it should be on a wall and then I found myself building a house!  
Supplies in EXIF properties.

    Too funny.  You even put a sunset in the sky outside the windows!

    Your "painting" is beautiful, by the way.

    Wonderful page!  Your digital photo/painting is lovely!  I like the room you have created, too.  It looks very 3-D, especially with the cat and the slanted floor boards.  I like the sunset out the window, too. Very creative!

    LOL - I can totally relate! Love your painting and the house - and the scene outside and the fire in the hearth and the cat on the rug and ..... love it!

    Really nice page...great job

    Oh Ann I laughed reading your notes about your process but how cool that "it all started with a brush"!!!    I love what you did with the Impressionist brush, who knew, right??  I was so amazed and actually had fun myself with it.    Your flower painting came out lovely as did the fireplace.  And I love the scene your created!   SO warm and cozy and complete with a beautiful sunset outside and a kitty sleeping in front of the fire.... Ahhhhhh..  Just lovely!    Fabulous work and thanks for adding your work of art to the Monday challenge.

    PS and please don't sell your first attempt short.  I went back to look at it again and it really IS lovely!  :)

    Wonderful layout Ann! The painting is fantastic and I love the room you created!!

    I like how you incorporated real and artistic elements into the same layout. :)

    Love the kitty, hope the dog in my page doesn't see it! Wonderful arty painting and is that your sky outside the window? I love the symmetry here to offset your impressionist painting, you do such lovely work.

    Beautiful flower and impressionist effect. I do know very well about things getting out of control, happens to me almost every time I open Photoshop. I love the cozy scene you've created here, it makes me want to step outside for a minute to admire the sunset. :)

    This is really great Ann.  Love what you did with the flower photo and frame and that great fireplace!  Your pretty outdoor shots work so perfectly with your page.  Great technique and creativity!