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JJ Layout 2 Web


2nd Layout

KME_SS_DLO_Album_12x12_GetARound_10.psd; BHA_SwtStrtGng_12x12_Scratched.jpg; BHA_SwtStrtGng_12x12_Circles.jpg; BHA_SwtStrtGng_12x12_LightSplatter.jpg;

BHA_SwtStrtGng_12x12_Splattered.jpg; BHA_SwtStrtGng_12x12_Diamonds.jpg; BHA_AYO-Zoom_SwtStrtGng_Emb_Scribbled-Seafoam1.png; BHA_SwtStrtGng_WordArt_Smile.png

SBA Basic Shadows;BHA_SwtStrtGng_Emb_Flower-Buttercream-lg.png

Photo Information for JJ Layout 2 Web

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Wow, this is beautiful Belle and your photos are great. I love the shape of that building and how you framed the smaller pics. You Crazy Cats sure have a super time. Lovely page and I really like how colorful it is. :)

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It sounds like a fun day but there's somehting you're not telling us about that amazing tower with the goat peering out the window

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Love your page. The photos are wonderful. That building in the background of your photo is pretty wild, especially with the goats head sticking out of the window. What is that building?

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Gorgeous photos! Love the blue sky and mountains in the distance. The "Smile" title goes perfect with the photo of the smiling staff member. The Crazy Cats really know how to have a good time - wine, bread, cheese, AND lunch. Yum. Beautiful papers and flower embellishment. Wonderful page!

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