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AlteredArt #2

AlteredArt #2

I was so intrigued by this idea and so enjoyed creating a fantasy land... Aidan gave me a funny look when he saw he was wearing a dress but ah well... art is art hahahaha.
** the superimposed Cheshire Cat and Queen are taken from the original images by Sir John Tenniel, available in the public domain at 'The Project Gutenberg EBook of Tenniel Illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, by Sir John Tenniel'.


    What a fun page Jody - and I'm not surprised Aidan gave you a funny look - Andy wasn't too impressed with what I did to Jamie on my layout!  It is an incredible page though and I love those suitcases in the corner, and the colours are gorgeous and I love the flying teacups and.....

    Oh, I love it, I love it!  Love how you've put sweet Aidan in a dress - how fun!  Love the luggage and the flying teacups - how creative and brilliant and so YOU!  Fabulous!

    Jody...I love this... it looks like you pulled the plug on creativity and let it flow. Great colors and a cute theme. Really nicely done. Inspiring.

    Oh Jode how cool - "Aidan and Callan in Wonderland"!   Wonderful extraction and clever gorgeous way you put all this together.  I am having such fun going through your page and exploring all the pieces, it's fantastic!   I love the antique feel to your page, too.     Thanks for adding another piece of fabulous Altered Art to the Monday Challenge Gallery!   :)

    This is just wonderful, Jody; I love your Imaginary Land!  Cool looking kids, fun animals, well-used suitcases.... and, of course, a heart-tree. What else would you have grow in such a loving place!

    okay, so when are you going to mail me some of your creativity? FUN!

    I love Project Gutenberg.  You've aced this and you're so brave ... I didn't dare use any of my kids or g-kids!  LOL

    Very nice Jody - I love the colors and the boys in dressed lol - tell them I said they look very pretty hehehe

    I'm with DixieLee - you have creativity to spare Jody! Love love love it!  Off to look at Project Guttenberg.......

    Wonderful fantasy layout, Jody!  I'm sure Aidan will be fine. ;)