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Altered Art - 13/01/14

Altered Art - 13/01/14

Ok, so I may have gone to town a little bit with this!  I took my inspiration from looking at images of 'real' pieces of altered art, and also digital altered art and ended up with a bit of a combination.  The photo is altered big time - I extracted Jamie from one photo and added him to another to get the background I wanted (with some cloning to get rid of unwanted bits), then I ran one of Syndee's brilliant Vintage Postcard actions to give the aged look to the photo.  Finally I added the wings, crown and collar to Jamie.  And just because I was having fun, I then 'altered' the frame by adding the buttons and the key.  And to top it all off, I went for the abstract and added the bird carrying the 'altered' cat!  It took a bit of time, but it sure made me think outside the box a bit - thanks Marilyn for another fabulous challenge.
SG_SimplerTimes_Paper_BHA_Newsprint; BMU_Petals_Wash-Tango; AFT_SSPaper_AbsoBlended_4; ASO_SSEmb_PM_Reawakening_2; AFT_AntiqueEdges_Paper_6; AFT_AntiqueEdges_Paper_8; BMU_LaDiDa_FloralMatt-2; BMU_Chambray_Frame-Leather; SG_SimplerTimes_Emb_Frame; DEB_SwGrunge_Emb_04; SNU_AYO_CollageArt-Ladies_Hat; CRO_FeelingThankful_Letter; CRO_FeelingThankful_Letter; SNU_FleaMkt_Emb-Bird; AFT_FallPrelude_Emb_Latern_b; AFT_FallPrelude_Emb_Ribbon_b; COL_Brush_PenInkQuotes_Imagination, FDS, PJKesselring, JBarrette, CBDesigns, Sherwood Studio

    Fabulous!  Love the buttons and the postcards and the crown on the baby's head is so cute!  Wonderful altered art layout!

    Anna this is breathtaking... it is so involved and I love the details - the little black cat is soooo cute - but that Jamie is the star! Can I have him come live here, he is just the cutest! Love his crown, wings and 'collar' - the way you used the flower on him and the cat is inspired.  Great twist to have the cat on the bird and the quote is fantabulous.  You rock girl! Oh! The photo treatment was a great idea too!

    Wow...great page. I love all the stuff and the antiquey look you gave this LO. Really interesting

    Awesome job on your altered art page!  This has a great vintage vibe to it.

    Wow, Anna this is wonderful!   Look at Jamie - so beautifully extracted and complete with a crown and wings and pretty collar!  He looks so cute and like he's trying to crawl right out of the page!  I love your photo treatment and the marvelous way you have added so many interesting pieces to your page, yet it looks so cohesive and together.   I am having such a great time traveling thought it and looking at each one so thoughtfully chosen and placed on your layout.   Wow, again.   This is so inspiring!   Your page is so creative and an awesome piece of Altered Digital Art!    Thanks for joining the Monday Challenge.   :)

    This is gorgeous! Gotta love that about digital, you can't make a mistake - or can't UNDO something?! Have fun with it!

    This could be the poster example of altered art! You did an amazing job with it, Anna! I love your wacky sense of the absurd and how you put the pieces together so beautifully. Inspiring and awesome!

    Ooooooh, this is amazing! Love, Love, Love everything about it! So gorgeous and creative!

    Wow! Incredible page!

    Imagination is truly more important than knowledge, and in this sense no human is more brilliant than a toddler free to explore his own dreams.  Fabulous!