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Project Life 2013 August 2

Project Life 2013 August 2

My last August page, I might get caught up yet.   :)

For this layout I used:
SNU SS Embellishment Templates 8.5x11 Pocket Life
MRE Pocket Life: Laughter and Sunshine
DEB Morning Mist Collection Biggie
ASO SS Styles: Glitter Glows
ACA Forever Summer Embellishment Special
BMU Dazzle Collection Biggie
and my own photos


    Love the photos!!! That rainbow one is amazing... Wow! Nice to see Terri and Alison and your aunts, yes the shore does look sad, and good to see Margie there with her class. Great photos :-)

    I also had my hair cut so short recently that it stands up straight at the back. Love it in the summer. Well done on getting so many layouts done. Lovely two pages.