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AnnBKPumpkin Spiced Soup

AnnBKPumpkin Spiced Soup

This is one of our favorite soups, so quick and easy and SO tasty.  You can adjust the curry powder to suit your tastes.  The amount indicated results in a fairly spicy soup.
Supplies in EXIF file.

    Yum! I will be trying this. A very pretty recipe card.
    Great recipe and card. I wanted to put this in my favorites but dont see that option any more.

    Ann, this is lovely!    Beautiful card and great recipe, I just love anything with pumpkin in it!  I really like how you divided your ingredients and directions with the embellishments and border - great idea and it looks so pretty!  Super card.   :)

    I love the way you did your card! Very pretty. The recipe with pumpkin has to be a winner.

    I love the checkerboard border and the embellishment cluster in the center.  I LOVE pumpkin.  This definitely sounds delicious. 

    Very creative layout with the embellishments in the middle--they are perfect, and the recipe sounds so good.

    What a lovely recipe card. I love your pumpkin embellishements, and  you have laid out so easily to read and perfectly clear. I will definitely try this out, it sounds yummy.Great looking recipe card.

    i must give it a go, feeling inspired.