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Project Life 2013 September 2

Project Life 2013 September 2

Here's my September page 1... I'm chugging towards the end!   :)
Journaling reads:
Juliet's Soccer game & playing under the bleachers ... Decorate sukkah & dinners...   Leaves starting to turn... Yoga... Lunch with Conk & Auntie Sue...  Conkie's garden...  Juliet soccer & our 3-man shadow...  L's here...  China buffet with Girones...  "Teaching your little sister karate"...

For this layout I used:
CRO Autumn Splendor Collection
ABR SS Embellishment Templates:  Edge Them

    I LOVE matching up your journaling with your photos and trying to work out who is who! The kids look happy and prob good for the little one to learn some payback karate moves now haha.  You have such a busy life with friends and family it is lovely to read about.

    Lovely photos and journaling. I love the design of the page. Pretty background.