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Freedom is Not Free

Freedom is Not Free

I thought these pictures of the Korean War memorial would be perfect for the reflections theme this month.  Supplies are in the EXIF.

    this caught my eye right away, we were exactly there in June 2012 and I found this memorial to be very touching even though I know very little about the Korean War being that I am an ex-South African living in Australia.

    We spent a good deal of time walking around this memorial, taking it all in and I probably have many of the same photos as you.

    a gentle and caring layout

    Very pretty photos and page.   Your journaling is lovely and I really like your title.   Lovely work.  :)

    I too visited this when we were at the WWII and Viet Nam Memorials last summer and took some of the same pictures! The main thing I know about this war is hearing my mother talk about how scared she was that my Dad would get called up as he was still in the reserves from WWII. (It didn't happen). All of these memorials are so moving. You did a lovely job of scrapping this one.

    What a worthy subject to choose for this challenge and what a great title.

    I have chosen your page for our Share the Love in the forum.

    Very nice! I didn't know about this memorial. Your page really captured the essence.

    Thought provoking layout. Awesome colors and photos. I love the title and the lifted photos.

    A wonderful and different perspective of the challenge. Very clever.

    Wow, this is breathtaking.  What a wonderful page for the subject of reflection.  Beautifully done.