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KMC RosesareRed LO 600

Valentine Love


Kimberly McKean

KMC RosesareRed LO 600

This layout uses:
Roses Are Red Embellishment Mini 

    Kimberley this is outstandingly fabulous!!! What an impact that photo treatment has and how about that expression?!?! You should link this to the HNC for this week too! Love that word art.... Must have!! Gorgeous and thanks for the grin this morning :-)

    Thank you very much, you just made my day!  I blended another photo underneath this picture of my daughter and I was quite surprise myself at the impact it had to the original photo.  She is actually 3 but in this photo should looks quite a bit older!!

    This really caught my eye! The photo treatments look amazing, and that photo is just gorgeous.  I love all the text down the side of the page - fantastic.

    Thank you very much!

    just stunning Kimberly, caught my eye straight away

    She's just adorable.  Great LO.

    Okay, my mind is drooling! (a compliment) just wish I knew how to do this!! The richness is so deep. Do you think you could just ever share your brain cells?

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments!  I am in the process of putting together products / tutorials that will make it easy to achieve this look.  Stayed tuned, lots of exciting new things to come for 2014!!

    Wow...That is a really awsome effect...should be a magazine ad.

    She is adorable.

    Kimberly, this is an amazing photo you have created.