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Week 3

Project Life 4014

Week 3

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    This is so neat! I have never scrapped week events- I like how you set up your layout and the theme. I am stuck with snow and cold! The flowers in day 18 look like icing flowers- so different! I am going to share your layout in share the love forum!

    Nice assortment of  photos.

    Wow, beautiful photos. I love the rounded corners and the template that you used. Lovely layout.

    What a neat idea, Laraine.  I always get hung up on pictures of the people in my life.  I never thought of taking pictures of the things in my life.  :)  Thanks for the inspiration!

    I am so enjoying sharing in your beautiful Australian nature photos, Laraine.    Gorgeous pics and great journaling.   And your layout is a breath of fresh air in this frigid, snow-filled NE USA right now, thank you!  :)

    Gorgeous photos! Thanks for using one of my templates. I like your re-arrangement of the pieces in the template, its very creative!

    You have some beautiful photos from the week.

    Great photos, and really well laid out.

    Lovely photos and your photo/key journaling is great!

    Great template, I Love how you journaled for us!