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2013 12 TheZoo

2013 12 TheZoo

I just used SSClub_2014_ ABR_ArtJourney, and AFT_SSWord_LifeMom_WordArt_Today for this one.
Thanks for looking.

    Awesome photos and I love how you did the title across the top. :)

    Wow!  Cool photos and great page!   I love that zoo and your page really shows neat parts of it.   Lovely work.

    What a fun page!  I love the landscape layout, and your photos are fantastic.  Nice job with the title, as well.

    I particularly like the flamingos!  Great page - I like the clean neat layout with the straight lines and the subtle tilt on the main picture.

    I love the photos and design. Lovely font for the title. I really like the scribbles and papers. 

    Thank you so much for the kind words.


    I struggle with titles, but I saw the poster for the ultimate life and liked it. It works.

    This is really cute! I think you did a great job with the title, very cool. I like the arrangement of the photos and the yellow/teal combo. Fun page!

    I love this! Great colors and design and I especially like your photos.  Adorable animal in the bottom right photo, by the way. :)