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21jan14 Tue Freebie chlg: Anxiety

21jan14 Tue Freebie chlg: Anxiety

We have had a busy last few days of holidays before school goes back - new shoes, new shorts and for Aidan, special Year 7 tops to be bought.  Phew!.  So here is my TUESDAY freebie layout, a little late :-S.
font: Brankovic


    your layouts are always amazing, and here is another one…very powerful


    and I hear you on all the back to school stuff…bought Jess her last pair of school shoes ever… Year 11 this year, yikes.

    and Aaron into Year 7…OMG


    stay well

    Awesome, Jody!  I just love your style!

    Stunning, Jody! Definitely inspiring, too! Love the silhouette of the woman! Thanks for joining the challenge!

    Amazing, Jode -- these is so much energy in this page I can FEEL it.  I love how you are able to translate into scrapping -- lovely work.  :)

    What a perfect graphic representation of stress!!! I love how you used the mask.

    That exactly how I feel when I have a panic attack!  That's exactly what I to control it!